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It was Holly Holm's aim on Saturday night to defend her bantamweight title belt against challenger Miesha Tate. After months of hype, we were able to see the two in action in Las Vegas at UFC 196. Well, sadly she wasn't able to get it done.

I was able to put together a play-by-play breakdown of the fight and you can find it below. It was a hell of a fight. Relive it here.

Round 1

The Champion (Holm) was wearing the black with the Challenger (Tate) in white. Holm looked a bit more confident as the fight began. They were clearly feeling eachother out at the get-go.They were both very cautious.

Tate clipped her early. There were chants of "Holly" that started reverberating through the MGM Grand with around 3 minutes left in the round. Some redness began developing on Tate's face, possibly from a right hook.

Overall, it was a relatively uneventful round. But the carefulness and calculatedness of the two fighters showed they were both well prepared. Holm tried to land a side-kick towards the end of the round, but both fighters were unable to land any decisive blows or get the fight to the ground.

I think we're all anxious to see what happens in round 2...

Round 2

Tate got Holly to the ground early in the round, and her perfectly timed takedown gave her a good start to the round. She landed a few elbows and blows to Holm's face. Miesha tried taking full advantage of her positioning, and with 3 minutes left in the round, Miesha was able to control her very well on the ground.

Holly was clearly uncomfortable and in a bad position. Miesha landed a hard elbow to the body. This was a big opportunity for Miesha Tate. You've got to be thinking Ronda Rousey is at home right now hoping Holm doesn't blow this. Rousey/Holm is not as much of a draw if she's not the champ!

Tate clearly dominates this round. But right as I was in the middle of saying that, it looked like Holm got in a good position for an armbar. Holm tried to stand up but failed. And Tate nearly submits the champion! With 30 seconds left, it looked like Holly was in serious trouble. She got out, though, expertly.

She got out of there unscathed, but that was a huge round for Tate!

Round 3

As the third round begins, it's almost night-and-day for Miesha Tate's confidence. Holly Holm needs to turn it up in this round, and she needs to do it fast. Holm got a nice little head kick in with 3:50 remaining in the round.

As we kind of learned from Round 2, if Tate can get Holm to the ground, she might have an advantage. Holm keeps looking to land a kick. This is the second chance for Miesha Tate to win a UFC title. There is a lot at stake here. If Holly continues landing some of these kicks, it could take a bit of a toll.

Overall, a fairly uneventful round with Holm taking a slight edge.

Round 4

Like I said before, these side-kicks that Holm keeps landing are going to add up. Miesha is holding her own early in round 4, though. It's a truly great championship match-up here... living up to the hype as a co-main event!

Miesha Tate has been bobbing and weaving unpredictably throughout this fight, and she's been utterly careful. Miesha rushed Holm and ended up on the ground in a pretty precarious position. With 1 minute left, I think Holm is still has a slight advantage in this round. It's going to be an interesting decision.

Will this fight go the distance? I guess we'll find out soon. Round 5 coverage coming up next!

Round 5

5 minutes remain!

It seems that same "feeling eachother out" process from round 1 has made its way into each and every round. Holm has landed some nice blows already. With only 3:45 left in the fight, I still think Holm has this thing won if it goes to a decision.

Tate looks a little bit on the defensive. Tate got her against the wall, but I don't think things are looking great for our Challenger.

Right when I was getting on Tate, though, she lands a nice kick. This is the biggest fight in Miesha's career. With 2:20 left, there's gotta be something big from Tate for her to get a win. Right as I'm wirting this, there are 2 minutes left and Tate got Holm to the ground. She got a hook, but Holly's strength is commendable.

Tate choked Holly unconscious though! Miesha Tate wins. Wow.


Holly Holm really just went to sleep. Damn. Let's hope she's okay.


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