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Chuck Liddell recently spoke out about Jon Jones saying that Jones would have had issues had he gone up against a fighter like Liddell. Liddell also added that he could still pose a problem for Jones even at 46.

Jones heard Liddell's comments and took to Twitter to respond.

He also sent out a Tweet that was quickly deleted, although I don't know why. It's pretty funny.

This isn't the first time Liddell has taken shots at Jones. In 2014, Chuck said he would've beaten Jones in the past. Jones' response was simpler, saying that Liddell should keep his mouth shut.

Liddell has been relatively quiet about the Norris comment, until now.

"[Jones is] good at winning fights. If he keeps beating everybody he's the best right now. I still think if he fought someone like me in my prime he would have a lot of trouble. The problem is he doesn't hit hard enough to hurt me and he's not going to out-wrestle me. He's not going to out-wrestle me and I hit too hard for him. I would catch him sooner or later. Styles make fights.

Liddell also added...

What he does really well, if you've got a guy that's a great striker, he can out-wrestle them. If he's got a guy who's a wrestler, he can out-strike him, out-point him. For me? I'd be big trouble for him because if he could take me down he wouldn't be able to keep me down, if he even got a takedown. I will hit him. I'll put my hands on him. I could still give him trouble."

Liddell retired in 2010 from the UFC after he was knocked out by Rich Franklin. Even though he's retired, it doesn't mean that anyone should count out Liddell inside the octagon.

Liddell told The Fighter and the Kid podcast that Jones would have trouble with the 46 year old, even though that the rest of the world considers Jon Jones "the best pound-for-pound fighter."

For that to happen though, the UFC would have to jump into the Bellator game and start planning "weird" fight combinations. By the sounds of it, Jones is on board... that is, if Daniel Cormier suffers the same fate at Rafael dos Anjos and "breaks his vagina" before his fight with Jones.


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