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Jon Jones is up against Daniel Cormier at UFC 197 next, but that doesn't mean he's not thinking beyond that. In fact, he's eyeing Alexander Gustafsson next and he's not being coy about it.

Jones and Gustafsson are no strangers to one another. They fought back at UFC 165. That fight went to decision and Jones kept his title, but the general feeling is that Gustafsson should have won that fight and been crowned the new UFC light heavyweight champion.

Gustafsson took to Facebook to respond to Jones, saying:

"Jon, just focus on your fight with DC, I'm here, waiting for you. You want to get rid of the doubts you say?"
"I say I just want that belt that that you owe me from our last fight!"

Gustafsson then commented on his post to make things a little clearer:

"Just to clear things up guys, I am not calling out Jones, just responding to his challenge. And it is not about the belt. I feel just I have some unfinished business with him, the same that he feels about me."

A rematch would definitely be worth watching, but Gustafsson is right. One fight at a time and Jones should focus on the one at hand.


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