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It was already going to be a huge money maker. Rafael dos Anjos, defending his title against Conor MCGregor as he moves up in weight class in an attempt to take ANOTHER belt. Then, throw in the co-main event of Holly Holm defending her newly acquired title against Miesha Tate, who has unsuccessfully attempted to take the title twice from Ronda Rousey.

Easy money, right?

Then Rafael dos Anjos broke his foot and had to pull out of the bout only to be replaced by Nate Diaz in a non-title fight at 170 pounds.

Obviously, this development was going to hurt the box office dollars, I mean who really wants to see THAT fight?

Apparently... EVERYONE.

In fact the hype for the McGregor Diaz fight seems to have grown bigger than it ever was for the Dos Anjos McGregor fight. Mostly created by the hype surrounding finding a suitable replacement for Dos Anjos. But is it worth it?

Simply put by Variety Seats: Yes. Yes it is.

The current get-in price is set at $233 which will land you a seat in the upper bowl... translation, the "nose bleed" section. For a median seat (not to high, but not on the floor) you're looking at roughly $890. If you want to sit on the floor, well... that's gonna coast you a whopping $1,495 but you better hurry, at the time of writing this, there are only 52 seats left at that price according to the Ticketmaster website.

That's not even talking about the resale value. The highest price right now in the resale market is $4,598.85 each for two tickets. That's a total of $9,197.70 for the pair and don't forget the $1,000 service fee for each ticket. Those tickets will set you back a cool $11,198.20. That's right, for a little under the price of a 2010 Honda Accord, you can have floor seats to a fight that could potentially be over in 13 seconds.

To compare, UFC 197 prices are significantly lower. The "get in" price for that fight is listed at $159 with the median price currently at $453. UFC 197 will feature Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier where Jones will try to take back the light heavyweight title from Cormier.

Clearly, no one can argue that MCGregor is a major draw. It doesn't matter who his opponent is or what the stake are, fans are shelling out the dollars to be there to see him fight in person. Given the fact that 6 of his last 7 fights have ended in a KO or TKO, people are expecting to see some hard hitting action and will be happy regardless of the length of time it takes.

Long passed are the days of fans suing Pay-Per-View over Mike Tyson fights lasting under a minute. A 13 second fight is well worth any amount of money to fans of the Irishman.

By the way, if you ARE lucky enough to be going to the fight... say hi to Gordon Ramsey for me. He'll be cage side... but he can afford it. I'll keep saving for that Honda Accord.


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