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Stephen Adamson

Things got heated at the final UFC 196 press conference when Conor McGregor literally punched Nate Diaz's hand out of his face. A full-on brawl nearly broke out, and many wondered if one or both of them would face a fine or penalty of some kind.

Rafael dos Anjos, who dropped out of the UFC 196 main event after suffering an injury, thinks McGregor definitely should be punished.

Top lightweight contender Eddie Alvarez agrees, calling McGregor's actions "pussy shit."

Fortunately for both McGregor and Diaz though, it doesn't look like any penalty is incoming.

"UFC president Dana White handled the situation," NAC executive director Bob Bennet told MMAFighting, adding that his organization does not see a need to investigate further.

What do you think? Should Conor McGregor be fined for his actions at the staredown?


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