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Dada 5000, real name Dhafir Harris, is finally back home recovering after his near death experience fighting Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149.

During his fight with Slice, Harris collapsed due to exhaustion part way through the third round. He was put on a stretcher back stage, suffering from renal failure and severe dehydration. Both serious issues that caused Harris to go into cardiac arrest. Harris lost 40 pounds to fight Slice and some say that was a major cause to the fighter's physical decline.

Billy Corben, the documentary director of "Dawg Fight," told the media following Harris' admittance to the hospital, that the fight nearly died and his body started giving out rather quickly into the fight with Slice.

"As it turns out, he was dying. His body was shutting down during that fight, having nothing whatsoever to do with his fight training, but with his nutrition and dietary issues."

Corben was surprised at what the fighter was attempting to do as his body started giving out on him.

"Even as his body was completely betraying him and shutting down, Dada's fists never stopped trying to move toward Kimbo Slice. It was pretty remarkable, knowing what we know now what happened Friday night and the amount of heart and perseverance and not giving up that Dada displayed was nothing short of miraculous."

Corben says that the doctor's and nurses are nothing short of amazed at Harris' recovery, stating that the words "amazing" and "phenomenal" were thrown around a lot.

That miraculous recovery has now landed the fighter back home on Wednesday, according to a Facebook post posted by Harris' family. Harris spent two weeks in the hospital.

"Dada 5000 has been released from the Hospital and is now back home in South Florida. He wants all his supporters to know he appreciates them and is nothing without them. He will soon be available to tell his story."

The fight against Slice was his third professional MMA fight and his first loss of his career. We'll have to wait to hear from the man himself to find out if he'll ever return to the cage. For now, all he should be focused on is getting better and enjoying the fact that he didn't die.


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