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'Murked' (or sometimes spelled 'merked' depending on who you ask) is a word that I use incredibly often. It basically means you got completely dominated or beasted by another person or thing. It's often used humorously but in this case it is very, very serious.

Nate Diaz thinks he 'might get murked' by Conor McGregor this Saturday at UFC 196 in Las Vegas but that he 'doesn't care'.

On a video posted by TMZ, he said:

"I think you should beat everybody on your worst day, but you can never be ready enough for a fight anyway. Might get murked. Don't care, though. It's all good. Or he might."
Conor McGregor is gonna try to murk Nate Diaz.
Conor McGregor is gonna try to murk Nate Diaz.

Of course, Diaz could blame the quick turnaround after Rafael dos Anjos dropped out of what would have been a lightweight title fight between him and the Irishman. But he is not making any excuses.

"It would have been nice to get a camp. It's all good, whatever. I've went to camps, trained hard and fought like sh*t. Three weeks later, after eating as much as I want, hanging out, not doing nothing, came in and whooped everybody's ass in the gym anyway. So we'll see what happens."

The press conference between the two fighters was far from friendly, but it appears Nate Diaz has doubled down on some of the things he said there.

"There's no other way. It's no McGregor show. It's a fight that needed to happen. I'm the biggest fight. They knew they were fighting me already. They were already training for me. They knew what's up. But hey, don't trip. Maybe I'll plot back. They were plotting on me, I might have been plotting back too. You never know."

Nate Diaz feels like nobody wants to fight him right now, unless they absolutely have to.

He's a little annoyed by it:

"Nobody wants to take fights with me, until they start losing and then they want to take a fight with me. Anybody I fight, you fight me and you get a title shot. They'll deny it, but no one wants to fight me if they're doing good. There's no other real fighters in the game."

What do you think?

Is Conor McGregor going to 'murk' Nate?

(Via: MMAFighting)


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