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Nate Diaz is two days away from stepping into the ring with UFC champion Conor McGregor. A last minute replacement, Diaz is mentally and physically ready to take on the outspoken Irish fighter. If you ask McGregor, he's MORE than ready to pound Nate into the mat.

Nate's brother, Nick Diaz, doesn't think that's going toe the case. In fact, he doesn't thing McGregor's style of training has prepared him for anything.

"They give you a fight with the f**king new guy, who's supposed to be the sh*t, but he ain't working with nobody, he ain't working with no black belts, he ain't had no legitimate sparring, had no legitimate trainer."

Nick continues trashing McGregor's trainer...

"Look at this trainer (points at boxing coach Richard Perez). This is ridiculous, he doesn't have anybody in MMA on a level like this. You have a f**king guy swinging a f**king pool noodle at you, smacking you in the face with it, trying to promote his own sh*t. It's a joke!"

McGregor trains primarily in Dublin, Ireland and has recently undertaken a more unorthodox training method under the movement coach, Ido Portal. McGregor has explained that Portal has helped him move more fluently and get a better read on the fight at hand.

Diaz isn't the only one criticizing people's training methods. McGregor has been very outspoken on his thoughts about Diaz and, even though Diaz is labelled one of the best boxers in MMA today, McGregor has attacked his footwork as "amateurish."

We'll find out this Saturday who's better prepared. UFC 196 will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.


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