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As you probably can see above, UFC Fight Night: Dillashaw vs. Cruz back in January was responsible for one of the most gruesome and grotesque eye injuries that I have ever seen... in any sport. Let alone in Mixed Martial Arts, and specifically the UFC.

In fact, it was so gross that it made headlines for the following week. Even non-MMA fans were find out about this injury! Mitrione was poked in the same eye twice by Browne, which subsequently lead to him being unable to see out of that eye. Due to this, Mitrione couldn’t see a punch coming and had his orbital broken.

But what was a little bit strange was the fact that referee Gary Forman never deducted a point from Browne for the poke the second time. And while Mitrione has recently appealed the loss with the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission, there was some weird Twitter activity from Forman before and after the bout.

See for yourself

Seems really strange to Tweet that BEFORE the fight. Even if it's a Retweet... Mitrione Tweeted out that exact sentiment:

And then there was some weirdly intimate Tweeting from the referee of the fight, Forman.

Mitrione is justifiably upset. Damn.

What do you think?

Do you detect any foul play here?



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