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Manny Fonseca

Okay, try to follow me on this one.

UFC commentator, Jon Anik, while on his podcast, was so confident that Conor McGregor was going to knockout Nate Diaz in this Saturday's UFC 196, that he swore he'd get a "209" tattoo on his forearm if Diaz beat McGregor.

Pretty innocent, right? Hardly a "Joe Rogan level" of comments.

Well, needless to say, Nate Diaz's fragile ego was bruised and he felt he needed to defend himself against... well, honestly? I have no idea, but here's what he said:

Don't worry, I checked for you... is NOT trending on Twitter. Maybe if Diaz took the time to learn spelling, it would have had the desired effect.

Regardless, the threat of being "slaped" seemed to work. Jon Anik took to Twitter to bend over for the fighter.

Sure, no one wants to be "bitch slapped." Especially by someone who's a professional "Bitch Slaper," but really? Way to back down quickly.


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