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Anderson 'Spider' Silva just went in on Instagram.

Silva and Michael Bisping might have traded some words before they fought at UFC Fight Night 84, but there was no real unfair or foul play once the two stepped foot inside the Octagon.

It was a clean fight, and many believe it should have had a cleaner finish. A lot of fans are saying Silva should have finished Bisping after landing that "phantom" knockout with his flying knee - rather, he began celebrating and many people believed it was his mistake.

But here's how he has weighed in on the situation (using Instagram, of course):

Here's what he said, in Portuguese translated to English:

This is a sport, isn't it ? So why do people expected me to kill my opponent?!

Watching the video in slow motion and hearing what he had to say about not wanting to kill the man - or at the very least badly hurt him - puts me firmly in the camp that Silva should have won by KO.

Herb Dean made a mistake here, I think. I hope he apologizes to the MMA community, but I'm not sure he will.

What do you think?

Did Herb Dean get this right?

(Via: Instagram)


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