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So much attention has been put on the Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz fight this weekend at UFC 196, that people seem to not remember there's actually a bigger, more important fight going down that night. An actual title fight, rather than a non-title bout as the main event.

This is the first time that newly crowned UFC Bantamweight champion Holly Holm will defend her title, a title she took away from former champ, Ronda Rousey, in a crushing blow and surprising upset. She squares off against Miesha Tate who has had her own sordid history with Rousey. Tate is going to prove a tough opponent for Holm and no one expects this to be a walk in the park.

One person who's more than confident in Holm's abilities is her coach, Mike Winklejohn. We went on to Monday's edition of The MMA Hour to speak out in defense of his fighter. He's sure that Holm's performance will be more than "dominant."

"She's firing on all 12. She's a high-tech European race car. Same going in for Ronda, I won't lie, we were confident for that one as well. I think Holly is going to dominate the fight and do real well.

WinkleJohn isn't naive about Holm's though, he knows that Tate is tough and it's going to be a challenge for Holm.

"There are a lot of things you need to watch for and Miesha is very strong and very dangerous in many ways, but yeah she's [Holm] been looking good so far."

He continued, outlining Tate's strong points...

"She hits hard; she's tapping people out. Her wrestling is very good. You see that she's beaten jiu jitsu people, she's beaten wrestlers and she's beaten strikers so she's very good at what she does."

With such a long list of things in Tate's favor, it's possible that the entire momentum could shift in Tate's favor if she's given the opportunity. A conversation he's had with Holm.

"Just the no give up attitude. How many fights has she been losing and she comes back? She's as tough as they come. She's a competitor at the highest level with skills, so that's always scary."

Regardless of all of Winklejohn's concerns, he still backs his fighter and is confident that Holm will come out on top... even if it takes a round for Holm to get the advantage. Almost a mirror of the fight with Rousey that gained Holm the title.

"Second round KO for Holly Holm. Yeah a lot like it; just as dominant."

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