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The list of fighters to step in the ring against Conor McGregor this weekend was quite long. One of the names thrown around was Anthony Pettis, but the fighter didn't hold hid breath too long.

Pets was informed by the UFC that McGregor had personal choice as to who was going to replace Rafael dos Anjos. Once he heard that, Pettis knew he was out of the running.

"I spoke to Dana, Joe Silva, but it was all up to him (McGregor). They said RDA pulled out and they are not going to make him fight anybody, they are going to let him choose who he wants to fight. I figured he wouldn't pick me. So, I was a little excited about it, but, there was easier opponents and easier guys for him to fight."

Pettis is no fan of Diaz, who ultimately was chosen to fight McGregor. He would't go as necessarily say that Diaz would be an easy fight for McGregor, but he did state that a fight against himself or even Donald Cerrone would have been much tougher.

"Diaz is a tough fight at 170. Going from 45 to 170, that's a huge jump right there. I mean, top 10 lightweights, no one is easy, but there are quicker routes and easier ways for him to move. I wouldn't say it's an easy fight for him, but, as far as fighting me or 'Cowboy' who just came off a camp, Diaz was just sitting there for the picking."

Who exactly is Pettis putting his money on this weekend? According to Pettis, McGregor appeared more confident as the recent press conference. He felt that McGregor stifled Diaz and took him out of his usual mean-mugging ways during the stare down.

Pettis also revealed that he was supposed to fight Diaz in April, but stated that the fighter stopped returning his phone calls during negotiations. Regardless, Pettis is set to fight Edson Barbosa next and he's excited about it. Mainly because he knows that Barbosa won't hold him down and actually bring the fight to him.

The two are scheduled to fight at UFC 197 on April 23, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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