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Frankie Edgar hasn't been happy with Conor McGregor's decision to jump up to lightweight (originally challenging Rafael dos Anjos who would later drop out), adding a casual 25 pounds to his frame and, in turn, leaving behind his featherweight brethren.

Edgar has a point. He wanted to make an attempt to snatch the featherweight belt from McGregor, but if he's fighting up a few weight classes, that will literally be impossible. After Dos Anjos went down, McGregor - seemingly overnight - jumped up to welterweight and put two division between himself and Edgar.

Not fair, thinks Frankie Edgar...

"You can't just hold this weight class up hostage like that for that long. The rumors are he probably can't make 145 again. I mean, the guy cut a boatload to be the biggest guy in there. And now, if you can't make the weight, it's not his problem. He's too big. Just let it go, and maybe we'll meet at 155 down the road. Who knows?"

That was in an interview on the MMA Hour. He would later backtrack a little bit and admit that he let his emotions get the best of him, a bit, with those comments.

"I definitely was the most pissed off (I've ever been), at least in an interview. I mean, look, this is the way this sport is going. You've got to talk, you've got to speak up for what you want, and you've got to get people interested in the cause you're fighting for. And that's what I'm trying to do, man. I'm just following the lead of these guys who are going up before me, I guess you could say. I tried doing it the old-fashioned way, just earning it and working hard. But there's more to it nowadays, and I'm trying to do my best in getting my spot, whichever way I gotta do it."

Edgar remains the UFC's clear-cut No. 1 contender at featherweight, a position he earned in December when he knocked out Chad Mendes inside the first round at The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale. But that claim means little until McGregor either returns to 145 pounds or vacates the belt, neither of which are decisions that will be made until after McGregor meets Diaz on March 5 in Las Vegas.

Edgar is going to be an analyst at UFC 196?

The fact that Frankie Edgar is going to have a microphone and a platform as an analyst at UFC 196 means he'll be able to give his 2 cents on the situation live and in person at the fight...

"Hey, that's what they want though, right?" Edgar said. "They want realness. They keep telling me come in there with some energy. We'll see, I'm just going to let it fly. I'm going to try to be the best analyst I can be, but there's a storyline here too."

Nobody is certain what will happen to the featherweight belt, but this man (Edgar) wants it. That, we know for sure.

"The belt can stay with you forever. To be a two-division champion, I'd be the first to do it, before Conor does it. But ideally, the best scenario would be fighting Conor at 145 for the belt. That would be the best."

What do you think?

Does McGregor owe Frankie Edgar a shot at the featherweight belt?

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