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Dave Oancea, a.k.a. "Vegas Dave," is back to betting on MMA only this time, he's putting his money on Miesha Tate to win.

Once is a professional gambler and he's placed $77,000 on the one time challenger to defeat the current champ. Not only that, but he's made sure the challenger knows where his money lies.

“He just texted me earlier today. He said, ‘I’m upping my bet to $77,000.’”

His original wager was $53,000 and Oancea has a thing for underdogs. He wagered $20,000 on Holly Holm to win against Ronda Rousey in November. That wager netted him $240,000.

Now that Holm is the champ, Oancea is sticking to his underdog formula by betting on Tate. Unfortunately, the payout isn't as sweet as the Rousey/Holm wager. Currently, Tate is a +250 underdog, meaning that $77,000 will net $192,500 in winnings if Tate beats Holm.

On the flip side, Holm was at +900 during the buildup for the fight. Oancea claims he snagged a 12-1 line on the champ.

Betting on MMA still hasn't topped Oancea's take on Kansas City's World Series win. He made 26 bets between $500 and $25,000 and took home $2,457,200.

Tate is primarily a wrestling and grappling specialist, so Holm taking her out with a lucky punch probably isn't on the books for Oancea this time around. Regardless, his track record is still pretty solid for upsets.


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