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Nate Diaz has been very vocal about his belief that the entire

is on steroids. You know, everyone BUT him. Including UFC president Dana White. Now it seems that his coach is jumping in the fry, adding on to the fighter's claims. Apparently, McGregor is one of the fighters jacked on steroids.

"Oh I sure do believe that, heck yeah. Some guys, they get busted - and to be honest with you, I know McGregor has got to be on some kind of steroids, he's pretty big. And then all of a sudden [he's] jumping to 170? Yeah there's no way, cause I mean, he was supposed to be fighting at 155. So if you think about it, he was focusing on training at 155. He only had two weeks to go. And all of a sudden he's gonna jump to 170? So no, there's something going on. But still, I mean, we're still gonna fight and that's all there is to it."

Diaz's coach doesn't stop there...

"Well, all I know is that he was supposed to fight at 155, and for some reason I don't think he would have made the weight, because he was trying to go to 165 and then he went to 170. So think about it. If you see that, you would think he had two more weeks to go, he would be close to 155 and stay on that, you know, or go to 160. But he didn't, he jumped to 170. So that's kinda shady right there."

McGregor wasted no time responding. He warned Diaz to never put his name and "steroids" in the same sentence. To be clear, McGregor has never failed a drug test. Pre or post fight. So Diaz's claims seem to be unfounded... Not that you'll be able to convince Diaz of that.

Steroids or not, we're only a few days from finding out who really knows what they're doing in the ring. Suffice to say, if McGregor wins, you can almost bet on what Diaz blames his victory on.


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