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Conor McGregor is typically the one issuing threats to people, but most of the time he plans on doing harm to other fighters within the confines of the Octagon. This time, a crazed fan/hater has taken to social media to issue a straight-up death threat aimed at the Irish fighter.

Conor McGregor has been talking trash about UFC 196 opponent, Nate Diaz. Not everyone is feeling it...

A fan posted a photo of himself wielding an AK-47 on Twitter along with several Tweets warning McGregor to “be careful” following the UFC 196 press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The UFC contacted their security team and made McGregor’s security team aware of the situation. In addition the FBI is now investigating the threat.

Simply put, there's no place for this in the sport. I'm sorry, but I hope that this guy gets found and arrested for being a complete jackass and threatening McGregor. Whatever you think of the man, I think we can all agree that he doesn't deserve this...

What do you think?

Should the FBI arrest the person who did this if they find him?



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