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Anderson Silva fought Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 84, and the highly anticipated bout drew a lot of attention from MMA fans everywhere. Both fighters had a lot to say to each other before the fight, and although Bisping got the win, it was close and full of controversy.

The UFC even Tweeted out an apt commentary on "what had happened", re: the knee...

When you celebrate having won and then don't even get the victory officially... it hurts.

Jon Jones had some stuff to say about his boy, Silva, and what he should have done to maintain the edge and, in turn, get the win:

He also replied to a fan, saying that he still liked what he saw from the legendary fighter

Silva, who still holds the record for most consecutive UFC title defends, had not fought since a fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in January 2015. He beat Diaz by unanimous decision, but the bout was overturned due to Silva's pre-fight and fight-night positive drug tests for steroids. Silva was suspended for a year and fined by the Nevada Athletic Commission for the violations.

I hope that Silva isn't done, and I think a rematch is potentially in order.

What do you think?

Should Anderson Silva have stayed aggressive? And would he have won if he had?

(Via: MMAFighting)


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