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Ryan Matsunaga

In the main event of UFC Fight Night: London, Michael Bisping took a hard fought decision from Anderson Silva after the two battled it out for five hard rounds.

All three judges scored the bout 48-47 for Bisping, his third win in a row.

You can watch highlights from the fight below, including a controversial knee that Silva landed after the referee had called a stop to the bout.

At the end of the third round, Michael Bisping signalled to referee Herb Dean that he had lost his mouthpiece. As the bell signalled to close the round, Dean moved to stop the bout, when Silva landed a huge flying knee, knocking Bisping to the ground.

Silva, believing that Dean was stopping the fight, began to celebrate, and members of both the fighters' corners entered the Octagon. Herb Dean took control of the situation though, informing everyone that the bout would continue.

It was a very strange moment in an otherwise competitive fight.

"I've wanted this fight my entire life," Bisping said. "I worship this guy. He's the greatest martial artist of all time. That's why I'm so emotional. This has been a lifelong quest. The respect I have for [Silva], it inspired me. When I started, I was a young, cocky kid saying things I regret. The whole time, I was looking at him saying, 'I want to be like that guy.'"


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