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Stephen Adamson

Conor McGregor is a genius when it comes to preparation for a fight. His trash talk and mental games have proven to be utterly effective and thoroughly enjoyed by fans and haters alike.

I mean, I honestly think he's one of the reasons MMA has become so huge and why it's becoming even bigger. People are unable to look away when this man gets a microphone in his hands, because his confidence and cockiness is uncanny.

However, you may notice in victory (or defeat), he seems to disrobe from "Cocky Conor" to reveal his true humility and graciousness.

This quote comes to mind

ESPN, though, had a little fun and put together a video with the best zingers, one-liners, and burns from Conor's career.

It's amazing...

What did you think?

Do you have a favorite Conor McGregor trash talk moment?

(Via: ESPN)


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