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Another day, another Conor McGregor story. It seems like the polarising figure is somehow getting more famous as each day passes. The 'Notorious' one has the worlds media fixed on his every move as he continues on his quest to be the first UFC fighter to hold two consecutive belts at two different weight classes. However, the Irishman may just have hit one major problem on his quest for UFC gold.

Conor McGregor is ready for UFC196
Conor McGregor is ready for UFC196

When you click on the sites 'fighter' page, you are met with the current male and female champions in each respective weight division. Everyone is present from Holly Holm to Fabricio Werdum, except one man. Conor McGregor.

In his place is an ominous dark silhouette with the words To be determined... emblazoned below it.

Does this then mean that McGregor has vacated his featherweight belt?

Well... We're not entirely sure. Although no confirmation has came from the McGregor camp or the UFC, it does make sense for the Irishman to vacate the belt.

Conor McGregor's next fight is against Nate Diaz at 170lbs, in a massive two weight division jump up to welterweight. In the past we've heard how difficult it is for the Dublin native to make the draining cut to 145lbs with his sunken cheeks visibly on display at each featherweight weigh-ins. If McGregor puts on a show at UFC 196, there's no reason apart from the defense of his belt that would force him to drop back down to the division.

McGregor at 145lbs weigh-ins
McGregor at 145lbs weigh-ins

A win at UFC 196 will force McGregor to make a tough decision. Does he go back down to 155lbs and fight Rafael Dos Anjos for the lightweight belt or remain at 170lbs and go after Robbie Lawler for the welterweight belt at UFC 200?

If there's one thing we know about Conor McGregor, it's that he's entirely unpredictable. We'll have to wait and see the outcome of his fight with Diaz until we get some concrete answers.

The site is yet to correct the image, which leads us to presume it may be more than a mere computer glitch... But what do you guys thinks?


Has Conor McGregor vacated his belt?


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