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Michael Bisping has been digging at Anderson Silva for quite some time about one particular subject: steroids. On Friday, at the UFC Fight Night 84 weigh-ins, Bisping almost pushed too far.

Bisping hammered the former UFC middleweight champion about his positive test result last year for performance enhancing drugs:

"This man is a cheat. This man is a fraud. And I will make you pay for your mistakes tomorrow night, my friend. All the needles in your ass, all the steroids will not help you, you pussy."

The two fighters, in typical fashion, showed no love for one another in front of the cameras. At one point Bisping extended his hand to Silva, but Silva refused to shake it. Later, Silva stuck his hand out, only to have Bisping ignore him. All of which are really just schoolyard antics for the cameras more than anything else.

The two fighters got close, but UFC President Dana White jumped in-between them. It looked as if it was all very tense.

The two have been going back and forth for almost a month now, starting in Los Angeles at a media event. If anything, they've pushed each other JUST far enough to ensure a good main event this Saturday in London.

Silva seems to already be looking past the bout with Bisping. When asked if he was interested in another fight for the title, Silva responded:

"I think so. I've been working hard for this one. I think this fight Saturday night is good for me, good for Bisping. And let's go. It's the show."

You can watch the weigh-in antics below.


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