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Ronda Rousey wants redemption.

You may recall (unless you've been living under all the rocks) that Ronda Rousey fought Holly Holm late in 2015 at UFC 193 and this happened...

Ronda lovers, I'm sorry:

Well, with UFC 196 on the horizon and Miesha Tate challenging Holm for her bantamweight belt, it seems that Ronda Rousey has picked who she wants to take that bout. And spoiler alert, it isn't Ms. Holm.

Here's what she said to TMZ:

“I need her to win. I want to be the one to beat her so I don’t want anyone else to take the honor of beating her but myself.”

Fair enough.

The UFC wanted Ronda and Holly to have a rematch at UFC 200 but Ronda said she wasn't ready. She's been working hard on Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, she hosted 'Saturday Night Live', and she's got movies on the horizon. However, will she ever get back in the Octagon?

All I know is, if Holm doesn't lose to Tate, then that rematch will certainly be of the epic variety. What do you think?

Do you want Ronda to be the one to dethrone Holly?



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