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Right now, everyone seems to want to talk about Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz's fight at UFC 196, but they're forgetting about a fight that comes first. Tomorrow, at UFC Fight Night, we have a super important Middleweight fight between Michael Bisping and Anderson "Spider" Silva.

This fight seems to be getting less love than it deserves as these are two highly accomplished fighters who don't really like each other.

Here's proof:

In the latest episode of UFC Embedded, we get a behind the scenes look at Silva’s frustration with Bisping as he proclaims “If he talks shit he is fucked, because I’ll beat his ass.”

But also, let me mention two important things...

Unrelated: Michael Bisping brought his dog to the autograph signing

Also unrelated: Anderson was playing with babies

What do you think?

Who takes this fight?

(Via: UFC YouTube)


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