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Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor's press conference the other day was controversial, bizarre, and intense. That's not to be unexpected when the latter is involved. Conor McGregor loves talking shit and enjoys playing mind games, especially with his opponents.

But according to Nate Diaz, even though everybody who's anybody in MMA wants a shot at Conor, he didn't even have a play in getting the ball rolling with this replacement decision for UFC 196.

In fact, the UFC came to him, according to his statement:

"They've been calling me to fight this guy since he was supposed to fight Aldo the first time. They knew they were fighting me this whole camp, I'm sure. They put out a video of him talking shit about me at the MMA Awards like two weeks ago. Did you guys know something already? Who knows? But I don't give a fuck, I train to fight everybody all the time anyway. It's all good. They called and said 'McGregor only wants to fight you.' And they gave me a fuck load of money and I said I want more of that shit. How about that motherfucker? You think I'm just taking some fight? Fuck that, pay me. They called me, I didn't ask."

Conor even admitted to asking for a fight against Diaz, and this is interesting because many people believe the UFC caters to Conor and his team.

What do you think?

How do you think this fight was orchestrated?

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