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Conor McGregor is focused on UFC 196, and specifically on the new opponent that has been selected for him, Nate Diaz. He doesn't have time to get into fights with TMZ reporters, but he refuses to hesitate when it comes to putting them in their place - especially when they're pesky and rude like this guy.

Take a look at this TMZ video of McGregor cursing out a "reporter" and letting him know how he really feels:

Off the bat, he wasn't too thrilled to be talking to this guy... knowing the backlash that came from his Jesus comments.

Conor isn't a fan of this guy... or TMZ in general

This face kind of says it all

He didn't have time to talk to the TMZ guy with serious attention, but he had time for those that matter - his fans

Do you think Conor had a right to chew this guy out?

(Via: TMZSports)


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