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For many pro-wrestling fans, watching the matches and story lines of the wrestlers is equivalent to those who religiously follow Pretty Little Liars. However, pro-wrestling usually gets made fun of for being "fake." Despite being a written show to entertain viewers, the injuries can be quite real, and some deadly. With that being said, lets take a look at pro-wrestling's most gruesome injuries.

5. Wade Barret Dislocates Elbow

During Monday Night Raw's 10-Man Battle Royale, The Big Show threw Dolph Ziggler over the ring onto Wade Barrett. During Barrett's attempt to catch Ziggler, Wade's elbow was dislocated, sidelining him for nearly eight weeks.

4. Mick Foley Loses Conciousness

Mick Foley is one of the most psychotic of all wrestlers, continually putting his body through countless injuries. However, his Hell in a Cell match versus the Undertaker during King of the Ring 1998 takes the cake. He was thrown off the top of the cage twice. During the match he lost consciousness, sustained a concussion, lost two teeth, bruised a kidney, and dislocated his jaw; he also finished the match.

3. Cactus Jack Loses an Ear

Another Mick Foley moment that had to make the list: the moment he lost his ear. In a match against Vader, Foley was meant to get caught in the ropes, however, the ropes were too tightly wound and Mick Foley started suffocating. He successfully freed himself by ripping his head through the ropes; unfortunately his lost his ear after it got caught on the rope.

2. Sid Vicious Breaks His Leg

This moment just makes me cringe. Sid Vicious was in a four-corners match against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarret, and Animal. Sid Vicious jumped from the top rope to kick Steiner in the face and upon landing he broke his fibia and tibula, the bones actually piercing the skin. It was rumored that Vicious was reluctant to do this move because of his size and this was the first match he used this move in. Sadly, this was his last match ever.

1. Joey Mercury's Face Explodes

There is no other way to describe this incident other than by simply saying Joey Mercury's face exploded. In the 2006 Armageddon PPV, Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro were involved in a four-way ladder match against the Hardy Boyz, London and Kendrick, and Regal and Taylor. At one point in the match, Jeff Hardy jumped on a ladder that was set up a like a see-saw and the ladder made direct impact with Joey Mercury's face. He began bleeding profusely and was immediately taken to the hospital. Amazingly, he only suffered a broken nose and some swelling.

Though the matches are predetermined, the injuries are very real.

What is the most gruesome pro-wrestling injury you have seen?

Joey Mercury after his ladder match incident
Joey Mercury after his ladder match incident

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