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Stephen Adamson

Neither Nate Diaz nor Conor McGregor are any kind of stranger to shit talking. You might remember the UFC on Fox Nate Diaz rant, but just in case you somehow forgot about it, here it is below.

Like many other fighters, he's not a big fan of Conor's...

At the time, there's no way he could've known that what transpired over the past couple of days would happen. But it did.

And it led to this... the press conference for UFC 196, which stars Conor McGregor and Nate himself...

As for our favorite part?

Nate Diaz: You're on steroids

Conor McGregor: Sure I am. I'm just an animal.

This is going to be an amazing fight. I can't wait.

Will you be tuning in on March 5th?

(Via: ESPN)


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