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When it comes to weigh-ins, I think the most important part is the staredown. When one man (or woman) looks the other man (or woman) in the eye and those two are set to fight mere days later... there's going to be an epic moment.

GQ capitalized on this by creating a staring challenge, using one of their own "professional" starers as a wildcard of sorts.

Check it out!

GQ came correct with two legit UFC Champions...

They had Luke Rockhold

They had Robbie Lawler

They also had a much-less-buff "Lil Skip"; a GQ champion of sorts in his own right...

Luke brought the hoodie out to get things crackin'... easily making Robbie laugh and notching the "W"

I like how routine he made it feel. He's been there before.

His next bout was against 'Lil Skip'... and it kinda went the distance in all honesty

But Luke got the iconic "KO By Blinking" that he needed to be the winner

And yeah, this picture kind of says it all. The GQFC belt is Luke's... we'll see who challenges him next

What did you think of GQ's bit here...

Dumb or awesome?

(Via: GQ)


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