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Nate Diaz has been lobbying for a fight against Conor McGregor since December, and it looks like he's going to get his chance now that Rafael dos Anjos has a broken foot and has pulled out of his match against the current champ.

Several challengers were considered to replace him, including José Aldo, but it was Diaz that ultimately got the call.

Obviously, he had much to say about the upcoming fight:

"He thinks he’s the ninja? I’m the ninja. American ninja, real motherfucking ninja. This ninja martial artist right here. I started that shit. That shit came with Stockton with us, me and my team.
"American ninja, Irish ninja, represent your shit, homeboy. I’m right here. United States. We can bring that shit on. Fight."

You can see his complete, profanity-laced rant below.

As stipulated by UFC management, the headlining fight of UFC 196 will be a non-title welterweight bout.


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