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If you follow the UFC or MMA even a little bit, you've probably heard that Rafael dos Anjos dropped out of his fight at UFC 196 against featherweight champ Conor McGregor with less than two weeks notice due to a foot injury.

Many people (haters) thought that RDA was faking the injury, and for pretty good reason. It seemed a little bit suspect. I even have to admit that I thought the same thing.

Until I saw this photo...

He fractured his foot while kicking a sparring partner during camp. As former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo can attest, thanks to a broken rib that booted him from UFC 189 last July, training is potentially dangerous and injuries can be sustained while practicing as well as in the Octagon, fighting.

Here's what Kings MMA head coach Rafael Cordeiro had to say to about the situation:

"We were sparring, and Rafael threw a kick at the knee of the kid that was training with him. He immediately stopped kicking, put his foot on the ground, and felt a little pain. He put some ice, and couldn't walk normally. He put more ice during the weekend to see if he would be able to train on Monday. On Monday, he contacted the UFC and said what happened. He asked to visit the UFC's doctor, and they showed the fracture. Unfortunately, it's a full contact sport and (injuries) happen. It will take at least three weeks until he's able to train again, and then we will know when he will be able to fight again, so we can reschedule the fight without any problem. We are upset. Everybody waited for this fight. The entire team is backing Rafael in this decision. Rafael's health is what matters the most for us now. But that's a fight we wanted, for sure."

Also, RDA's wife's statement translated, below:

Conor McGregor will now fight Nate Diaz at UFC 196 in a welterweight bout.

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