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Manny Fonseca

In general, one shouldn't commit a robbery. One should definitely not commit a robbery 5 feet from a two-time state boxing champion.

One robber learned that lesson earlier this month when he tris to rob a Walgreens for their supply of Oxycodone. What he didn't know was that a customer a few feet away was David West, a champion boxer. Once West confronted the robber, the two men started fighting... It would be a fight that the robber wouldn't be able to win.

West knocked him out and restrained him until police arrived.

"I really wasn’t trying to hurt anybody," West told ABC13 TV. "I was just trying to do what was right. I was protecting the one I love. I told him I hope he uses this as a turning point in his life."

Fairly confident the robber got the message. He was taken to the hospital and later charged with attempted robbery.


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