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Manny Fonseca

SPOILER ALERT: This one's gross folks. You have been warned!

"I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!"

It's a figurative phrase that often gets uttered in a fit of anger, yet there's no REAL proof that anyone can literally BEAT the SHIT out of anyone.

At least, until now.

Travis Wolford, now affectionately referred to as "The Brown Bomber," exploded poop all over the cage back in October when his opponent, Daniel Cooper, choked him out.

Wolford took to Facebook to embrace his embarrassing ordeal:

“yes i shit myself in a cage fight”

Not burying the lead there. He also left this word of encouragement:

“Shit happens it’s all about how you handle the aftermath…. Trust me it’s no big deal.. You might have some funny stuff directed at you but it’s all good in this game called life.. Just keep doing what your doing and you’ll be fine [sic]”

Words to live by. Enjoy.


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