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Stephen Adamson

MMA fighters might be in peak physical shape, and they might even be really good looking to boot. That doesn't mean they don't have strange romantic encounters, though.

I'm talking about both the male and female fighters, here. I've heard many of my colleagues refer to Conor McGregor as a "hottie" and I would also argue that there are plenty of attractive female fighters as well.

Some of the greatest fighters recently took to the camera and mic to explain some of their most awkward date stories. And yeah, they're just as weird as yours and mine.

Take a peek:

Poor guys and gals. I'm sure they'll find love. Wait, I just got an idea... what if there was a MMA version of The Bachelor? You could somehow implement fighting into the show as well as dating and we could have challenges and trips, etc.

I smell a hit. Somebody call me and let's get this going!

(Via: YouTube)


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