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Now that Rafael dos Anjos has broken his foot, dropping out of UFC 196, everybody wants a chance to shut up Conor McGregor and make sure that he doesn't get his hands on a lightweight belt to accompany the featherweight one that he already has to his name.

I mean, sure, it would be an interim title, but it would still be McGregor making history as the first man to ever accomplish that feat. Many are slightly suspicious of dos Anjos dropping out of the fight with such short notice, but the debate of whether he's "faking" is completely unfounded, in my honest opinion.

Will McGregor have a considerable advantage now that he's set to fight someone who will have <2 weeks to prepare?

The answer is yes.

I mean, there's no way that whoever fights Conor McGregor will be as physically and mentally prepared for this bout. He's one of the best MMA fighters of all time, and beating him with months of prep is hard... let alone mere days.

So, let's jump in and decide together who should fight Conor. Here are 6 cool names in no particular order...

Nate Diaz

Having defeated Michael Johnson as recently as December, Diaz would be in relatively proper shape to get into Octagon-ready shape by March 5th. He also is a force to be reckoned with and could give Conor a run for his money. Would you want to see him get the call from Dana White?

Anthony Pettis

Sure, Pettis lost to Dos Anjos, thereby relinquishing his UFC lightweight title at UFC 185, but in his next outing he did considerably better as he lost again to Eddie Alvarez in January - but without doing so in any kind of embarrassing manner. Third time's the charm?

Georges St. Pierre

Okay, so this is a semi-troll. I don't think they would put GSP - a legend - in the Octagon with less than 2 weeks to train. However, the man has been training and we have reason to believe he wants to get back to fighting. Specifically, I think he could handle Conor McGregor under the right circumstances.

Eddie Alvarez

Alvarez was a legend in the same division - lightweight - but within Bellator. It’s not known whether Alvarez is available or injury free but his combative style would make him a good match-up for McGregor. Alvarez is also currently ranked #1 contender in the lightweight division and if available could be the next best option to Dos Anjos based on merit.

Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone

Cowboy has talked all sorts of shit aimed at Conor McGregor, and this would be a helluva fight. But the main issue here is that he fought mere days ago in the Cowboy v Cowboy event in Houston, TX. I just think it would be difficult for Cerrone to get back in there against someone of the caliber of McGregor. What do you think?

BJ Penn

LOL, this would be fire! Agree?

Who do you choose to fight Conor?


Who should fight Conor McGregor at UFC 196 in place of Rafael dos Anjos?


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