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Conor McGregor is a very divisive character in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Everything he does contributes to his persona and whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit he's a) a great fighter b) a champion and c) he has a damn good body.

Women love him, men want to be him... you know the story, it's as old as time. But did you know that you can actually get that body with a simple (yet clearly difficult) workout routine?

Check it out (courtesy of Esquire Magazine):

The Workout

This is a circuit of five exercises designed to improve the fitness you need for a real MMA fight. Perform each one for 60 seconds then move on to the next without stopping. This will replicate a real UFC round. Rest for one minute then repeat 3-5 times.

1. The Punch

Take a light dumbbell (1-6 lbs.) in each hand and assume a boxing stance before throwing continuous straight punches.

2. The Kick

You'll need a heavy bag for this one (see below). Repeatedly throw low right leg kicks, rotating your hips as much as possible for extra power. Switch to the left leg after 30 seconds.

3. The Sprawl

When you get knocked down, you need to be able to spring back up again, so do 60 seconds of burpees. This is a killer!

4. The Cardio

Simple but effective. Use the jump rope and skip on the spot for the full minute, keeping as light on your toes as you can. This will help improve agility and stamina–both essential assets in a fight.

5. The Takedown

Go back to the bag and let all hell break loose on full attack mode. Punch, kick, and knee the bag non-stop until the final bell rings (you'll have to bring your own bell…).

The Kit

1. The Gloves

Velcro Sparring Gloves, $180, by Reyes

2. The Bag

Heavy Boxing Trainer bag, prices vary, by Blitz

3. The Shorts

Storm Fight Shorts, $42, by Phantom Athletics

4. The Skipping Rope

Pro-Series Speed Rope, $30, by No-Label


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(Via: Esquire)


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