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We've got a seriously shocking development within the world of MMA, and specifically the UFC. The much anticipated UFC 196 lightweight title fight between Rafael dos Anjos and challenger/bad-ass Conor McGregor isn't going to happen.

According to multiple sources, dos Anjos suffered a broken foot late last week, which forced him to pull out of the lightweight bout that we've been covering for weeks... months, even.

The UFC is currently working on finding a replacement to fight McGregor (with only two weeks notice), however nothing has been finalized at this time.

This is a bit of a déjà vu situation for Conor

Last summer, Jose Aldo postponed his fight against the Irishman a mere 11 days before UFC 189. They ewre able to plug in Chad Mendes, who McGregor defeated, which kept fans reasonably happy. As we all know, the UFC made good on their promise to give us that fight a few months later. Jose Aldo was KO'd in 13 seconds.

Oddly enough, this is the fourth time in McGregor's eight UFC fights that his original opponent was forced to pull out of their fight.


Conor McGregor was on track to possibly become the first ever featherweight and lightweight simultaneous belt holder

There's something fishy about all of these fighters dropping out before fighting Conor McGregor with very little notice. It's pretty much guaranteed that McGregor will have something to say in response to this. He's been training incredibly hard, and now it seems that might go to waste.

On the bright side, this will create more buzz around Miesha Tate v Holly Holm

I'm still excited for UFC 196, although without McGregor-dos Anjos I think the event will take a hit in ratings. That's just a fact.

But Miesha Tate vs Holly Holm should get more love, and it'll be the only legitimate title fight of the night.

I'm still excited for March 5th. Are you?

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