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Conor McGregor has jetted off to Las Vegas, Nevada to get ready for the biggest fight of his career to date. The featherweight champion is set to face off against Brazilian Rafael Dos Anjos for the UFC Lightweight Championship belt, in what could possibly be the fight of the year.

The McGregor hype train shows no signs of slowing down, and if the Dubliner pulls off an extraordinary victory against Dos Anjos, we can expect to see him sign the contract for UFC 200 and take on Robbie Lawler at welterweight level. Crazy, I know.

Winning would also make Conor McGregor's name become synonymous with sport, writing him into the UFC history books. If Mystic Mac does indeed win, he will become the first fighter to ever win and hold two title belts consecutively in two different weight classes.

Mystic Mac
Mystic Mac

His decision to move from the featherweight division to the lightweight division has polarized many in the MMA world. Many view the move as risky, while others are already certain that McGregor will walk out of the octagon with a belt on each shoulder.

However, McGregor is already well adept to this division. The Irishman has previously fought at 155lbs before in his career, putting on performances that were just as devastating.

If anyone was worried that McGregor may not be able to beef up for the division or look out of depth, they need only look at this recent tweet...

The Notorious one is clearly ready for the fight, looking in peak condition. Yet, with all the media hype surrounding Conor McGregor, it's easy to forget about his opponents and focus solely on him. This is largely due to his media antics and how he sells a fight. His mind games give him the upper hand before even stepping into the cage. This time it's different.

Rafael Dos Anjos is a totally different animal, and that's something MMA experts have been warning from the start. If there is a fighter you should never underestimate, it's the devastatingly powerful Rafael Dos Anjos.

Benson v RDA, UFC Fight Night 49
Benson v RDA, UFC Fight Night 49

Speaking on his podcast, UFC commentator and all round UFC guru Joe Rogan dropped some tantalising pieces of information including a possible bout between Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and Rory "Red King" MacDonald.

Rogan also shared his personal insight into the impending Vegas match, and although agreeing that Conor's power is devastating, Rogan felt like it hasn't truly been tested at the level of which the UFC's 155lbs fighters are at.

“He was knocking motherf**kers dead at 155 with one punch, all throughout England. I don’t know if he could do that in the UFC at 155.
“You are right, dos Anjos is a beast but I believe the kind of power Conor has, he just has that undeniable power.
“I just don’t know if he is going to be able to do it. Here’s a thing about dos Anjos, he is a gap closer. That motherf**ker closes gaps on you before you even realise he is on top of you. He did it to Donald and he did it to Pettis, two guys who are pretty skilful strikers. He closes that distance on you in a surprising way and his grappling is outstanding. And there is no hesitation in his game. And with that Nick Curson dude training him, he’s got 15 gas tanks. They’re all ready.”

Check out the chat below, kindly uploaded via MMATube.

UFC 196 looks set to be one of the biggest events in the promotions history. With Holly Holm making her first defense of the womans bantamweight title against the fierce Meisha Tate, and Conor McGregor on the cusp of making history against Rafael Dos Anjos one things certain. We're in for one hell of a night.

The date for this epic event is March 5, streamed live around the world from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


Will Conor McGregor make history?


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