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Ken Shamrock and his camp still aren't too happy with the lack of a low-blow call on Royce Gracie during their historic fight at Bellator 149.

Do you think that Ken Shamrock had a point?

We're going to dive right into a play-by-play breakdown of the fight and it'll be up to you to decide who is right. I think, personally they made the right call by keeping the fight going, but you can decide for yourself.

Both Shamrock and Gracie needed to put an end to their beef, and they seemingly did this for the good of the sport - and the money didn't seem to hurt either.

A chiseled Shamrock and noticeably thinner Gracie took center stage in the ring in Houston, Texas

They were really feeling each other out at the beginning

Gracie's reach (both legs and arms) was a substantial advantage

Things started to get pretty tense once they began grappling with one another

And this is where things got... nutty (sorry, I had to)

Did you see a groin shot there?

The reaction from Shamrock made it seem like he had definitely taken a hit

Let's be real... taking a shot to the groin, as a man, is nothing easy to recuperate from. And the people who argued that his reaction wasn't fast enough... have you not ever hit yourself in that region and had a delayed response? It happens.

What do you think?


Was there a low blow in the Gracie-Shamrock fight?

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