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Holly Holm might be busy gearing up to fight Miesha Tate on March 5th at UFC 196, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get to reflect on how far she has come as a fighter - and as a celebrity - in the past year.

After defeating Ronda Rousey, endorsements have flown in. After claiming the championship belt, her profile skyrocketed as a fighter and icon of the sport of mixed martial arts.

And while Ronda Rousey is often thought of as the woman with the biggest spotlight in the sport, Holly has landed her own feature in Cosmopolitan Magazine - nothing to sneeze at.

Check out her IG post about it:

She included the following caption:

"Hey there! Pick up the March issue of Cosmo magazine and turn to page 124 or just check out the photos here....... ☺️"

Move over, Ronda!

She might have a different style, but Holly Holm is the current champion, and she is doing her thing!

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