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I've seen a lot of MMA fights, and I feel pretty damn comfortable saying Kimbo Slice's fight with Dada 5000 at Bellator 149 was one of the wackiest I can remember seeing... ever. That's regardless of gender, weight class, promotion, match-up, etc.

By round 3, I was pretty certain that whoever won was going to be whoever didn't pass out first. And I was actually kind of right.

Dada 5000 was hospitalized after the fight due to exhaustion, combined with the fact that Kimbo Slice did land a few successful blows to his face that probably did some damage as well.

Apparently, the man's heart stopped:

And her was the official statement from the Harris family (Dada's real name is Dhafir Harris):

Dehydration, fatigue and renal failure were likely a result of all the weight that he had to cut - which totaled to about 40 pounds.

What a weird fight that was... glad to see both guys are okay, though.

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