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Bellator 149 was one of the more interesting cards that we've seen in MMA history. With Dada 5000 and Kimbo Slice fighting a war of utter attrition and Royce Gracie closing the loop on a historic career by facing off again with (and defeating) Ken Shamrock, it was a night to remember.

Ken Shamrock was a little bit upset, though, with what may or may not have been a low-blow delivered by Mr. Gracie.

It was a helluva fight:

Did you think you saw a low-blow in there? Shamrock was seen immediately after the fight, yelling about getting hit in his groin.

Well, Royce Gracie released a statement about the alleged low-blow

Here's what Gracie's camp had to say:

ā€œIā€™m very happy, that was my first knockout, but, I was telling Ken, we come from an era where there was no time limit, no weight division, no gloves, no rules, groin shots were allowed. But it did not catch his groin.ā€

I think we're left with a lot of questions here:

  • Was it a low blow?
  • Will there be a rematch between these two legends?
  • Will either of these legends fight again, at all?
  • How did it take this long for Gracie to get a KO?

But, as for the most important question, what do you think?


Did Ken Shamrock have a point? Was Gracie's win fair and legitimate?



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