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Conor McGregor is known as the brash, trash-talking loud mouth of the UFC. The Notorious one has captured the attention of the world through his UFC media obligations. Love him or hate him, one thing Conor prizes above all is loyalty. That sense of loyalty has always one reason why Dubliner will always remember his roots, returning to his homeland of Ireland to train.

Over the weekend, Conor McGregor showed off a softer side. One that we've become more accustomed to seeing in relation to his fans. On Saturday night, McGregor was in Galway city and was spotted greeting some fans. One such fan was Sinead Nora McGrath.

Along with her boyfriend, Stevo Timothy, the pair shot out in their pyjamas for a chance to spot the Irish hero. Once they finally tracked down their man, Sinead told Mystic Mac how her boyfriend was confined to a wheelchair. What McGregor done next has rightly so went viral and branded him a credit to Ireland.

Sinead Nora McGrath Facebook post
Sinead Nora McGrath Facebook post
Stevo Timothy facebook post
Stevo Timothy facebook post

The gesture has since went viral, amassing over 42,000 likes. It's great to see a heart warming story involving McGregor who so clearly loves his fans and the Irish people. Like many of you, I count myself as a fan of the Dublin native. However, with his latest antics at the MMA world fighter awards basically trash talking every fighter in the industry, I felt maybe this time he'd went too far.

Stories like this remind you how much a legend the man truly is. Conor has now jetted off for viva Las Vegas as he enters his final preparation for the March 5 showdown with lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos.


Who will be victorious March 5?


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