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There's a mere two weeks left until UFC 196 and the trash talking is ramping up as usual. At the center of it? Conor McGregor. Prepping for his UFC lightweight title bout with Rafael dos Anjos, McGregor is always one to have a comment or two about his opponents. McGregor chatted with SevereMMA's Andrew McGahon about a variety of topics.

First up, McGregor pointed out Donald Cerrone's lackluster performance against dos Anjos in December:

"Cerrone pussied out of that one big time. That's why he can fight again next week. He quit in there, inside that octagon. That’s why he can go now next week and he can say I fight every week, and this and that, but you can fight every week if you go in and quit. If you’re willing to die in there then you wouldn’t be able to have them turnarounds.”

McGregor then went on to discuss how much he was involved in picking who he fights.

“I am picking what I want and I am doing what I want. When you can rack up $400m in revenue for the company in back to back events, you can do whatever the fuck you want.”

And speaking of doing whatever...

“I’m living the ‘what the fuck I want’ life. That’s the life I live, whatever I want, whenever I want. I have earned that through hard work, through sacrifice and through victory.”

There was also a discussion about McGregor's future in the lightweight division. There have been rumors floating around that the champion could move up to the welterweight to challenge for a third belt.

McGregor was as candid as expected:

“I’m coming for that belt, I’m coming for the next belt, I’m coming for the whole company. Why not go up? They get slower, and they get less free up there, they are stiffer, they are even more stuck than the lightweight division. So I’ll keep going, keep eating, keep training and keep going until all the belts are wrapped up.”

Clearly, McGregor doesn't see moving up in divisions as a challenge:

“I’m afraid of no one, I will go up and fight any weight.” McGregor continued. “Anyone can come down and step in that cage with me or any cage and see how they fare, but nobody fares well that’s for sure.”

The outspoken champion went on to outline his plan for MMA dominance while slighting every other fighter:

“There are pussies everywhere in this game and that’s it.. I dunno.. I’m here to fight, I’m here to win every belt and then I’m gone and then I’ll see the game later, I’ll walk away from this game, I’ll set it ablaze and walk away. And that’s it.”

But that doesn't mean McGregor doesn't know how to play the political game. He was quick to state his loyalty to the corporate hand that feeds him... sort of:

“I have a great relationship with Lorenzo and a great relationship with Dana. Don’t get me wrong, I’m climbing that corporate ladder every damn day and we will be neck and neck. Maybe somewhere along the line I will take that lions share. But we will always be together. Loyalty is what I have. They gave me this, they are helping me with this and I am helping them, we are a team, so much respect to Dana, much respect to Lorenzo, much respect to everyone involved in the UFC."

You can hear these McGregor soundbites along with more of his comments below.


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