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This is huge news for me, as an alumnus of Stanford University, also known as 'The Farm' due to its roots and original geographical make-up in the late 1800s when it was founded.

What happened, you ask? Oh nothing, other than the fact that an MMA star and hero of mine was accepted to attend my alma mater due to his smarts as well as his unique background as a fighter who defied many odds and plans to continue doing so academically.

The thick envelope came to none other than...

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort (Class of '21?)
Vitor Belfort (Class of '21?)

Here's what he said in the Facebook message he posted that featured the good news:

“É com muito orgulho que venho contar a vocês que fui aceito em Stanford, uma das principais universidades de ensino e pesquisa do mundo. Aprendi que educação e esporte são a base para qualquer pessoa, mas educação sem dúvida vem em 1º. Nunca é tarde p/ vc realizar o que sempre sonhou, basta acreditar e trabalhar duro p/ isso!!! // I am very proud to announce that Stanford has accepted me to join them. I have learned that education and sport are the foundation for everyone, but education comes in the 1st place. Never is too late to achieve your dreams. You just need to work hard and believe in yourself

Is Vitor ready for all-nighters?

He better get his adderall prescription all filled out, because there are going to be some all-nighters pounding away on the keyboard for term papers, scribbling out problem sets, making sure your group project is right, growing accustomed to dorm-life, etc.

Can Vitor get it done?

In short, yes.

The dedication it takes to be an MMA fighter is equally as impressive as being an elite scholar. His perspective will enhance Stanford's reputation as an academic institution and obviously Vitor will leave with a degree, so it's a symbiotic relationship that works for everyone.

In conclusion...

This is such a cool piece of news, because it shows that these guys are actually more well-rounded than anybody ever probably imagined. Good on Stanford for taking in account that he's a champion and now, en route to being a scholar.

Let's go!



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