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There's still a big debate as to whether size matters. But in the case of some of these MMA fighters - and this list - it most certainly does. This list is of the heaviest MMA fighters to ever step foot in the ring or Octagon.

These men look like they could easily be served well to hop on a treadmill or the biggest loser, but they are - by definition - professional athletes regardless.

So without further ado, let's dive right in to these big boys.

Honorable Mention: Bob Sapp - 350 pounds

Bob Sapp weighing in at 350 pounds throws him into the mix at 5th on our list. He actually carried his weight pretty well and is somewhat of a household name in MMA. He's sizable, but you'll have to peep the rest of the people on this list because the weight increases exponentially as you get closer to the top.

5. John Matua - 400 pounds

John Matua is primarily known as the man who David “Tank” Abbott defeated in his MMA debut at UFC 6. Matua had been introduced as a pracitioner of the Pacific Islander martial art of “Bone Crushing”. He was also billed as being around 400 pounds in weight.

4. Teila “Takamishu” Tuli - 414 pounds

Teila Tuli is is a big part of MMA history and he competed in the first match ever in the UFC. Prior to competing in the UFC, he had briefly competed in sumo but he didn't make it above the lower divisions.

3. Eric “Butterbean” Esch - 420 pounds

Eric "Butterbean" Esch was already an established boxing champion of sorts weighing in around 420 pounds before venturing into other combat sports. He started in K-1 and transitioned into MMA from there. Out of everyone on this list, he could probably be considered the most successful. His career ultimately ended in 2011 with a 17-10-1 record.

2. Akebono Taro - 514 pounds

Originally born as Chad Rowan, Akebono Taro is still to this day the most successful American born sumo rikishi. He's of Samoan descent and weighs 514 pounds. He started in K-1, like many others of his weight. He was winless in MMA and was submitted in three of his four losses. He lost notably to Royce Gracie, Don Frye, and Giant Silva.

1. Emmanuel Yarborough - 882 pounds (at his heaviest)

The inspiration for this article, he weighed 882 pounds at his heaviest. We covered his fight against Daiju Takase, a 169 pound fighter who was able to submit him. Yarborough ultimately went 1-2 in his career with his sole win coming by way of a submission by smothering his opponent in a Shooto match.

Are you a fan of any of these men?


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