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Pedro Alex Carrasco, a former writer for, took to Twitter yesterday to make some serious allegations against his former employer. Carrasco, who left the website back in October, has been rather quiet on social media. That is, until yesterday, when he broke that silence.

What followed next was a tirade of Tweets against Carrasco's former employer:

Carrasco isn't the only one saying it, either; MMA photographer and videographer Cynthia Vance jumped on Twitter to back up Pedro's claims:

While her comments were at first supportive (albeit vague), Vance later clarified her tweets:

Vance never actually states "what happened to her," leaving it open to interpretation, but implies that she's gone through a similar incident with Penn.

Penn had been planning to return to MMA at UFC 197 but at this point that's up in the air. There is still no word on whether the UFC will be investigating the claims against the fighter or whether he'll ever return to the ring.

There is, however, a police investigation currently open, according to Carrasco.

Carrasco didn't stop there...

Or there...

Whether true or not, the people's court otherwise known as the Internet has already started weighing in. Many leapt to the defense of Penn, while others have offered their support to Vance, Carrasco and Carrasco's girlfriend. Then of course, there's the people who have chosen the third option, which is to just attack Penn's accusers.

As for Penn, no word yet has come from his camp.


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