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A couple of weeks ago, I was able to sit down with Kimbo Slice to divulge what that man's psyche was heading into his showdown with Dada 5000 at Bellator 149. I was able to suss out some things, and I honestly came away thinking Kimbo was going to get the win.

However, that was before I spoke to Dada...

Dada 5000
Dada 5000

So, without further ado. My Q+A conversation with the man that Kimbo Slice absolutely hates. And believe me, the feeling is mutual.

Q: How's it going, how are you doin Dada?

A: I'm great, and yourself man?

To which I responded, 'Doin well'.

Q: I actually had the pleasure of speaking to Kimbo Slice and he had some words for you. I was wondering if you had anything to say to him off the bat?

A: Yeah, you know man, I just want him to bring all that drama that he spoke of. You know, everything that he's saying that he's gonna do, I'm lookin' for him to attempt it. I would be very, very disappointed if he don't try! You know, because the same stuff that he's talking about doing to me, the difference is I'm physically capable of doin' it, and I'm goin to execute it.

Q: He called you "ugly and disrespectful", do you have a retort for that?

A: Yeah, well he called me ugly and disrespectful right? But you know, that's comin' from a guy who's nose covers at least 90% of his face. And when you talk about being disrespectful, you gotta go into a little bit further detail.

Because the last time I checked, I'm the individual who paid attention to him on life support. Even when he was losing, because of my backyard fights, he stayed in the media. People were associating him with the movement. So, instead of him hating, he should be saying 'thank you!' So he's the disrespectful one... not me!

Q: I've seen all the work you've done in Miami-Dade County. Who would you say is the better representative between you and Kimbo in South Florida?

A: Aw, me hands down. I mean I'm a four star general. I revolutionized the movement. It's because of me and my constituents that back yard fighting is something that has become phenomenal. I really feel like everything I did was unselfish.

Not only was it unselfish, but it was beneficial to all participants. We gave out presents, we gave out school supplies, bookbags, toys for Christmas... what has he done? He only talks about the hood when it's beneficial to him. So, he's a poor representation of the movement.

That's why nobody is rocking with him for this fight. People remember what you've done for them last. People don't remember him ever doing anything for them.

Q: What do you say to people who don't think you're experienced enough to go up against Kimbo Slice right now?

A: They don't know me. You know, and they may be haters, but they have to be educated. So, I want them to have a pen, a piece of paper, sit in front of their TV February 19th and take notes.

Because styles make fights. Like they say in boxing. And Kimbo Slice, he been around, but I don't respect him just like no MMA fighter respects his skills. No-one respects that guy's skills! Because for him to be in the business as long as he's been in the business, he has no ground game.

He don't have a skill. And the ones who don't think I'm experienced enough, they don't know me they don't have a trained eye. So they're just speaking off what they THINK.

Q: How has your training gone so far? Are you ready?

A: Yeah, and I'm gonna be physically fiddled, comin' there to do damage. This is a "hurt" business. And that's what I'm gonna do to him. My training is simple. I keep it simple, man. I don't complicate it. There's more pressure on this guy for this fight than anything he's ever done.

Because he knows this is an end-game. They asked him was he scared, was he nervous? He said "hell yeah"... what if this fuck nigga knock me out? I don't know what I may do. I may pick up a pistol and kill myself. He's admitting he's weak! Slash, pathetic.

And now I'mma give him a double dose. Of what he shoulda got from Houston Alexander!

Q: Have you always hated Kimbo? Was there a time when you respected him?

A: Well, you know, I never hated the guy. Because I mean, I've always rooted for him. Even when Ken Shamrock had him about to flatline him out, I was yellin' at the TV, like "get up, get up". I was never a hater!

I'm disappointed to the point it made me angry that I've seen anything I've ever said was turned into something or initiated by him. He hates me! I never said I hated him. He's angry, see, something is wrong with him. There's a difference between the two [ways of being].

Q: You mention Ken Shamrock, what do you think of that fight?

A: Ken is the dude, and I'm really rooting for him. Royce Gracie, I got a lot of respect for him, but I have a personal relationship with Ken and I really want to see him bring that one home.

Q: Can you speak a little bit about 'Dawg Fight' and your history?

A: Well what 'Dawg Fight' was was a movie that me and Billy Corben collaborated on, it's on Netflix with millions and millions and millions of views. And I think that it's one of the realest, if not purest, street fighting documentaries ever recorded.

And I hope the people enjoy watching it half as much as we enjoyed making it. They bought it before we even finished filming it. It's a good up-close look at reality. About the Miami-Dade community. It's the side of things they don't talk about, so we have to.

Billy Corben did a good job of being the voice of the Have-Nots, especially in Miami-Dade county.

Q: Is there something special about Miam-Dade County that breeds greatness?

A: Yes, because you're talking about "Survival of the Fittest". You're talking about individuals who have a record by the time their 17. Mine was 13. Because you have kids raising kids. And they don't have good decision-making skills.

You've got blacks killing blacks and all teenagers. Why? Because there's only one parent in the home. And it's not the mom or the dad, it's the grandmother. So, she can't enforce value of education because it was never enforced to her.

These kids go out there and they often make the wrong choices, because they have a limited amount of knowledge. A lot of these kids were born into circumstances where they weren't given a fair shake at life from the beginning. So, that's why mentorship is so important.


I really enjoyed getting to speak to Dada 5000, and I hope to see a great fight.

You can tune in to Bellator 149 this Friday, February 19th at 9PM ET on Spike TV.


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