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Michael Bisping has some fighting words for Anderson Silva. Both literally, and figuratively. He claims that Silva wasn't just a one-time performance-enhancing drug user, an aging legend who fought clean through his career but sought a desperate shortcut after a devastating late-career injury.

Rather, he believes his drug-test failure at age 39 was indicative of the fact that he's been cheating...

Here's what Bisping had to say at Thursday's UFC Fight Night 84 open workouts at the UFC Gym:

"He [was] 39 years old, being Anderson Silva, the mighty Anderson Silva, who has destroyed everyone. Don't tell me at 39 someone is going to start there, having his career and a legacy and all that, that he's going to put that all at risk.
Had Silva, who held the UFC middleweight title a record seven years, seven months, been clean all along, Bisping said, "he would have the confidence and peace of mind to say no, I am Anderson Silva, I achieved all these things and I don't need to cheat. And he didn't do that, and that's because he was cheating his whole career."

He also added,

"Listen, Anderson is a great fighter, achieved many, many things, but the fact of the matter is, he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in his last fight. Probably the first time he had been tested, that's what he said -- his words not mine -- assuming to lead one to believe he was cheating his whole career. Shame on him, how he calls himself a martial artist and used performance enhancing drugs.
"Look at him in PRIDE. He weighed in at 168 pounds. He know walks around 40 pounds heavier. Do the math."

Bisping is still excited for this fight, though, stating...

"At the end of the day, it was a bucket-list fight. It was one I wanted a long time Of course its bittersweet, he's no longer the champion. It's nice to have on my resume that I fought Anderson Silva and the UK would see that. Fantastic opportunity."

What do you think?

Did Anderson Silva cheat just once or a bunch of times?

(Via: MMAFighting)


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