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Stephen Adamson

I could listen to Conor McGregor talk all day.

He's witty, intelligent, hysterical, and most importantly... he backs up everything he says. Or, at least he has up to this point.

Who will shut him up?

I don't think it's possible to shut Conor McGregor up other than by knocking him out, so I guess Rafael dos Anjos is next in line to attempt to do that. But before that, we've got this narrative that he's shaped of him being the hardest working man in MMA.

And maybe he is? I mean, he skipped the glitz and glamour of the awards shows that he says features a "who's who of MMA" (facetiously said) wearing their "badly fitted suits". He clearly doesn't have time for an event like that...

Anyway, here he is talking more of that classic shit:

He completely destroys everyone, saying he is the first UFC fighter to make $100 million. He also mentioned that he wipes his ass with the take-home money most MMA fighters get, further alienating himself from the rest of the community.

I find it interesting that he doesn't even seem to care about his public image or how people perceive him. And why should he? He's damn near untouchable right now.

How do YOU feel about Conor's antics and trash talk?

(Via: Fightland)


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